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Spring 2023

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Subscribing to the worlds predominant Family Office publication will keep you abreast of all things related to family office, wealth management, private banking and more. In addition,  you will receive news on all the Family Office events around the world.

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Family Office Magazine is the most respected premium quality "Family Office" magazine globally that caters to the ultra-wealthy Family Office sector. Our magazine stands out from the rest because the majority of our articles are written by leading experts from within the wealth sector, family offices, private equity firms, wealth management firms, private banks and many other sectors from all over the world. 
Our publication is a community family office magazine by family offices for the family office space. There is no other publication anywhere in the world like it. The list of institutions and brands we have partnered with or have contributed to the magazine is a who's who of the finance and wealth space. Many of these institutions are regular advertisers and sponsors, while others are contributors who provide insightful content for the magazine.


As a subscriber you will be able to do the following

  • Submit an Article for inclusion in the magazine

  • Attend the Family Office Awards (Online Version Free or 10% off in Person Ticket Prices)

  • Attend FAMCON23 (Online Version Free or 10% off in Person Ticket Prices)

  • Get Art & Museum Magazine free (Normally $50)

  • 10% of Rate Card Advertising prices



Please email us if you have any feedback or questions contact us by email

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