Article Submission Guidelines for Family Office Magazine and Art & Museum Magazine

Please strictly adhere to the following guidelines before you submit an article.

Submission Requirements: Articles for submission must not have been previously published. Articles must be submitted in English, British English Grammar.

We cannot accept articles in a foreign language or broken English. It is also essential that Articles are copy-edited (proofed) carefully before submission. Please do not use written or visual content taken from any source without the permission of the writer or author.


There is no cost involved in submitting an article.  For advertorials or advertising, please view our media kit. - It’s a direct link to the PDF.

Submission Guidelines                        
The length of articles should normally be:

·         No more than 1000 words for Family Office Magazine

·         Not more than 750 words for Art & Museum Magazine

·       A feature article (up to 3000 words) has to be agreed to in advance with the editorial department. Email us on


·         No indentation at the beginning of paragraphs.

·         No formatting or fancy text

·         No bullet points

·         No footnotes at the bottom of page

·         Send the article in a plain word document and not a PDF

·         Do not include images in the Word File



All images must be in 300 DPI High Resolution, do not send snapshots or images that you have taken from the internet. Charts and graphs must also be in 300 DPI High resolution.

Rights and Permission:

You must hold the copyright or get permission from the owners of any photos or images. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission for the use of any copyrighted material. Again, you must seek permission from the copyright owner for the use of images.

Acceptable File Types                                

·         Please submit articles in MS Word, not PDF

·         All Images should be named (article name image name)

·         Please state which magazine your article is being submitted for.

·         Images should be in JPEG, Photoshop or TIFF format

·         All Images and company logos should be in 300DP high resolution and not less.

·         Images should be in CMYK for print (not RGB) -Very important


When submitting the article, PLEASE do not send the article or part of the article in the body of an e-mail, send the entire article as an attached word file only.


If you want your name in the by-line (naming the writer of the article), please include it in the article. Please just include "by your name"

Me Me Me
Articles should be general and not be all about you or your company. If you want to promote a product or service, view our media kit


You can also include a short bio. However, we may edit it because of space restrictions.


Omitting Information:

Please remember to include any image captions, web address, by line or bio in the article. If we receive an article and this information is omitted for any reason, we may not have time to include this information at a later stage.  


Sending by We Transfer
Once you have prepared the article, you can send the article with the images via "WeTransfer"  WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files to us. Please add a note with the name of the article and for which publication.

Sending by email
If your article is just a word file, you can it via an e-mail message to Do not send multiple images via email, please use wetransfer.


Please do not send an article to any other email address and do NOT double up and send to multiple email addresses.

Once you have read and adhered to our guidelines and you submit an article for consideration, we will typically get back to you before the next issue; please do not send repeated email messages or phone calls, if there are any issues we will get back to you.

When you submit an article, there is no guarantee that we will publish it, however, if you have adhered to these guidelines and it's well written and proofed we will normally publish it.

Hard Copies:

If you need hard copies of the Magazine that includes your article, we can arrange a short run of 20 copies at cost. We do not send hard copies to everyone who submits an article.

Additional service for contributors: Family Office Magazine is keen to uphold a high standard of editorial for our publications.  We sometimes have to reject articles which are not in keeping with our editorial style, calibre of audience and quality controls. As an additional service for contributors or those who have limited time, we are able to offer a very efficient, flexible and subsidised reviewing and editing service by external writers.

These are a number of options:  

1) Substantial re-write of an article:  £200-250 according to length

2) Review and quality editing:          £100-150 according to length

3) Write entire article of 1000 words £900

This can be requested at the outset or we may propose this service should a submitted article be rejected.  You will be free to retain the edited version and to circulate the magazine article through your networks. We believe that having a better quality representation will be to the benefit of the author and support the brand image of the contributor.

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