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Advertising in Family Office and Art & Museum Magazine

Looking for a way to access an ultra-wealthy and affluent audience? Look no further than Family Office Magazine! As the only publication dedicated entirely to the Family Office Space, our content is produced in partnership with the world's leading institutions, banks, family offices, and wealth management firms.

Our clean and spacious design, featuring a slightly oversized text font, has been specifically tailored to appeal to the 50+ demographic that many Family Office members fall into. With a limited number of advertising pages in each issue, our magazine has earned a first-class reputation within the space.

At Family Office Magazine, we take great care in selecting our advertisers and ensuring that their advertisements meet our high-quality design criteria. Our full-service advertising package includes sales and planning, promotional videos, brochures and supplements, and dedicated email campaigns to over 28,000 of the world's wealthiest individuals.

Check out our Magazine Issues Page on the menu bar to view sample issues and see for yourself the exceptional quality of our publication. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with the most discerning readers in the Family Office Space - contact us today to learn more about advertising in Family Office Magazine and take your brand to the next level.

Our Services


We can design high quality advertisements for your company, product or service for inclusion in Family Office Magazine or Art & Museum Magazine.

This will expose your brand to our international audience.

Family Office and Fine Art Events

We host and partner with Family Office events on Fine Art, Fintech, Property, Cybersecurity and Property throughout the year.


We also host exclusive private dinners for family office members. Email us if you are interested in attending our events.

Supplements & Magazines

Our team can design and create a 10 - 25 page supplement dedicated to your company or service and distribute it to our audience or at our partner events

Event Sponsorship

Becoming a Sponsor for one of Family Office events will increase brand awareness to the Family Office target market.

Sponsored Editorial

An advertorial (4 pages max) is a paid or sponsored editorial that highlights your company, event, product or service. It can be written by your company or by one of our professional writers to ensure your brand is presented in the best possible light.

Corporate Video Presentation

Our team includes award winning producers, who create stunning corporate video presentations and training videos that can be used for broadcast or online purposes.

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Spring 2023

1 year $99 Subscribe to Family Office Magazine and we include  Art & Museum Magazine

Subscribing to the worlds predominant Family Office publication will keep you abreast of all things related to family office, wealth management, private banking and more. In addition,  you will receive news on all the Family Office events around the world.

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Terms and Conditions of Advertising and Subscriptions

Family Office Magazine (“FOM”) accepts publication of advertisements based on the terms and conditions set out below (“Terms”). These Terms and Conditions apply to print advertisements, supplements, social media, online advertising and video production. By placing an order for advertising or services with FOM, the Advertiser accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


1.   Definitions

a)   The following defined terms are used in these “Terms and Conditions:

b)   “FOM” means Family Office Magazine

c)   “Advertisement” means any approved advertising material submitted by or on behalf of the advertiser

d)   “Advertiser” means the person or legal entity placing the order for the Advertisement, whether such person or legal entity is the advertiser (the “Advertiser”), or the Advertiser’s advertising agency

e)   “Rate Card” means the Publisher’s rate card in effect for the time being.

f)   “Rates” means the price for any given Advertisement in FOM)   “Specifications” Advertisement technical specifications set out in the Rate Card.


2.   Booking:   

A verbal order or an order by e-mail shall be legally binding on the Advertiser for the period that their advertisements run in the Magazine.

b)   All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions and are deemed to have been read and fully understood.

c)   The placing of an order or request for the publication of an Advertisement shall constitute an agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


3.   Content and Delivery of Advertisements

a)   All materials for an Advertisement should be provided to FOM no later than the deadline specified for the relevant issue of FOM.

b)   Publication of any Advertisement is subject to the Copy being acceptable to FOM and sufficient space being available

c)   It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to supply Copy in line with FOM advertising specifications before the Copy Deadline

d)   FOM may reject or cancel an advertisement that we may consider to be contrary to these Terms.

e)   FOM may also refuse to publish any Advertisement if there are outstanding invoices that remain unpaid by the required deadline. The Advertiser may still be held liable for any outstanding charges.


4.   The Advertiser guarantees and undertakes to FOM that:

a)   That the advertiser has read and understands the Terms and  Conditions of advertising

b)   Any information supplied is accurate and is not misleading and that all the required permission of any person whose name or image that is contained in an Advertisement is sought with their permission.

c)   The advertiser undertakes that all advertisements are honest and truthful, are not contrary to any laws or code of practice.

d)    Advertisements are not deemed to be libellous and do not infringe the upon the IP rights of any person


5.   Advertising Agency:  If the Advertiser has contracted an advertising agency to place the advert, they guarantee that they are fully authorised to place the Advertisement with FOM.


6.   Payment

a)   All Advertisements and services will be paid for at the applicable rates set out in the FOM rate card

b)   All sums payable will be made on a pre-payment basis to FOM’s preferred electronic invoice system

c)   Once the Advertiser has booked advertising and it appears in the FOM publication the advertise waivers all further rights

d)   Advertisements created by FOM on behalf of the advertiser will be charged at a rate of €175 per hour)  

e)   FOM does not give refunds for cancelled advertising or services

f)    Hard copies will only be send after payment is made


7.   Non Payment for advertising or services

a)   When the advertiser has entered into a contractual obligation and has booked advertising and payment of the invoice has not been received, FOM may include the words "INVOICE UNPAID" in red text across the advert and/or advertorial.

c)  Failure to pay the discounted amount form advertising within the prescribed period (30 Days), the full amount without discount will be recoverable

b)    FOM also reserves the right to recover payment through the courts with costs


8.   Copyright

a)   FOM owns the copyright in all Adverts written or designed by it or on its own behalf.

b)    The Advertiser grants FOM the right (free of charge) to use the Advertiser’s names, trademarks and logos for the purposes of publishing the advertisements and for promotional purposes.  


8. Legal Jurisdiction

a)   FOM reserves the right to take action against the Advertiser in any other jurisdiction.


9.   Subscription to Family Office Magazine: The subscription to Family Office Magazine for $99 is for the "Online Issue" and not the "Hard Copy Issue."


10. Modification of these terms and conditions: The Publisher may from time to time modify these Terms and Conditions or the Rate Card





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